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Green number plates get the go-ahead

In 2019 the Government launched consultation on the introduction of green number plates for low emission vehicles, with potential perks such as free parking and use of bus lanes to incentivise the usage of low emission vehicles.

The go-ahead has now been given by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, with green number plates set to grace the roads from autumn. The move comes as part of a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The initial consultation put forward three different potential number plate designs, with the chosen design featuring a green flash on the left-hand side. This design is like how number plates with flags are currently displayed, but with a green strip instead of blue. The consultation outcome still allows for a country flag, alongside the green flash.

Before the green number plates can be introduced, the relevant legislation needs to be implemented. The current aim for this is Autumn 2020.

We anticipate that registered number plate suppliers will be able to provide customers with green number plates under the amended legislation – but this has not yet been confirmed. We will of course update this page as we hear more news on the green number plates.

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